There's hardly been a month since I started graduate school that I haven't battled sinusitis in one form or another. I didn't even realize it at first, because it first manifested itself with only occassional headaches; my primary symptom was fatigue.

Not just fatigue in general, but specifically I, the voracious reader, couldn't read more than a few pages of either textbook or novel without falling asleep. I began to notice that this happened less often when I held a book upright on a table, instead of on my lap, which caused me to bend my head down.

Once I knew what was going on--about two years after the whole mess started--it became easier to manage. I've had ups and downs using Tylenol Sinus, Sudaphed, Excedrin, saline irrigation, and various medicated nasal sprays.

No real reason for this post, other than that I had a slight sinus headache and a huge problem trying to read a report at work today. But for those who suffer like me, here are some bookmarked sites that may or may not completely fail to relieve your symptoms.

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