Stuff Happens

...So much of it, in fact, that I haven't been around here much, have I?

Well, here's the update:
  • Alex leaves Saturday to spend a week in St. Petersburg
  • I'll be at ALA in Anaheim June 26th - 30th
  • so much more travel planned that it makes me tired/excited to think about
  • been very social lately: dinner with Greg & Cari and then Amy & Jaime, art museum with my parents, day with Carolyn, and an afternoon of books and ice cream with Jayne & progeny
  • visited bookstores 5 times in the past 2.5 weeks (it's an addiction)
  • close to finalizing our houseplans (probably won't break ground until August--arg!)
  • still reading a lot of "fun" books
  • managing to write in my novel--major breakthrough last week
  • still lack the ability to tan
Um... that's at least a portion of my life, currently. I've been writing a lot of thoughts on paper, but haven't sat down to transcribe them here, yet. Maybe next week while I'm bored and husband-less.

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