Overload and Russian Dumplings

You would think I can't complain about being busy any more than I already have... yeah. I will try to contain myself when conversing, but suffice to say that work + preparing to travel for work + prepping for construction loan + car repair + normal bills and stuff to take care of... = Overwhelmed (more than usual) Starr. Sigh.

It seems worse than usual, since my co-conspirator is out of the country and not immediately available for help or venting.

But he did teach me something during our brief IM today: pierogies are Russian dumplings. He had some filled (variously) with meat, cabbage, mushrooms, apricots, and cherries. (He missed out on the salmon, apparently not enough to go around.) He had an apparently amazing boat trip around St. Petersburg today (well tonight, for him) from 10pm to 2am--gotta love having all that day light during White Nights. He said he took many photos (yay!) and there was apparently much yelling while under bridges. Huh. Guess that's a story I'll just have to hear when he gets back.


Mylene said...

Hi Starr! Just dropping by. Did you lend Alex your Nikon? ;-)

Starrlett said...

Yay--hi Mylene, I've missed you!! Hope you settle in well at the new place.

Yep, I sure did send Alex off with the Nikon--so I'm borrowing a Canon Rebel from the digital lab at my work for my trip to Anaheim later this week. ;)

I can't wait to get his photos up on Flickr... my URL is:

Mylene said...

Thanks! I will check your flickr out for the photos. When is he coming back?

Starrlett said...

Well, originally it was going to be Friday night, but he's trying to extend his stay a day or so (since I'm not going to be home until Monday anyway).

So... I'm not sure yet! :)