The Weekend

Funky Metropolitan


  • Enjoyed seeing my good friend Kat, who is Most Greatly With Child.
  • Took a ridiculous amount of photos, as usual.
  • Played Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, and did not totally suck on the medium level.
  • Turned 29.
  • Enjoyed many phone calls from wonderful family members (in particular the voice-mail from my father-in-law singing "Happy Birthday").
  • Had some really incredible steak and shrimp.
  • Held my first meetings as Chair of one of the HSU BYA Committees (as did Alex, Chair of another committee in that group).
  • Wore a purple shirt.
  • Had Ben & Jerry's Irish Delight Ice Cream.
  • Did not sleep a wink Friday night.
  • Enjoyed driving my Awesome New Ride.
  • Enjoyed having the fuel efficiency of a car, not a truck.
Yep, I'm still busy as heck. Check out my photos instead of waiting around for text comments (er, the Abilene photos aren't up yet, though):

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