Tuesday Tidbits

I just found out that for $25 (just a little more than you'd pay at Best Buy or Amazon.com), you can get the new widescreen DVD version of "The Last Unicorn" autographed by Peter S. Beagle!!!

Did you have a great past three days? I sure did:

  • gorgeous sunshine on Saturday
  • attended a friend's wedding shower; enjoyed good company and champagne punch
  • saw TMNT (at the theater, gasp!)
  • Alex mowed our newly-green lawn (it's already tall again, two days later!)
  • watched Casino Royale (gasp!!!!!!!!! fantastic! I hereby take back my nasty complaints about a blond James Bond)
  • got to meet a great candidate for the GovDocs head position at work yesterday
  • as a result, enjoyed three delicious, free meals (it's great being on the Search Committee!)
  • tried shrimp enchiladas for the first time
  • enjoyed Beth Marie's fantastic homemade Raspberry Truffle ice cream
  • wandered around Recycled Books and found their graphic novel section
  • played Rayman with Alex last night (had a bunny dance-off in our bedroom)

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