TGIF = Tired, Gosh I'm Frazzled

Okay, I finally wised up. After four years of failures, I've decided I'll just post my Christmas letter here, instead of trying to print a letter / email a letter / create a webpage for it. Sheesh.

I'm worn out--it's been a week of meetings, lunches out, farewell parties, and a dizzying list of things I'm realizing need to be taken care of. And have I mentioned that I haven't yet put up our Christmas tree? At this rate, if it's not up by Monday, I think I'll have to resign myself to its absence. Shameful as that is, considering it's a pre-lit tree that I don't plan to otherwise decorate.

I feel like curling into a little ball on the couch under the warm, warm blanket and sleeping through the rest of the winter. But I'll have to get up tomorrow to work and get my haircut, so something tells me my plans won't last.

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