Spring 2009

Fulltime work and fulltime school allow for little else... I'm hoping to blog more over the summer once classes are over. But for now, here's the quick update:
  • We've moved! My drive is shorter, the house is great, and there are lots of crazy DIY projects in our future. (And yeah, it's rather scandalously large--we weren't looking for anything that grand, but it was the right price.)

  • Alex is still doing a lot of work traveling, and is on a crazy overseas-more-than-home schedule for awhile. He's very much enjoying the work, and I'm glad he isn't just stuck home evenings, watching me do homework.
  • I will complete my PhD's residency requirement May 14th, and will be taking NO classes this summer. I will be taking two classes in fall again, but won't have to take fulltime school ever again (unless, for some crazy reason I actually want to).
  • Once this semester is done, I will have completed 39 out of 60 credit hours for my degree... I'm hoping to finish up classes in about a year and a half--I think December 2010 will finish me up. (Then it's on to the dissertation, but let's not talk about that, as I don't need any further reason to hyperventilate.)
  • I'm getting excited, now that summer is in sight. My summer projects include: 2 (3?) research projects, finishing the first draft of my novel, some DIY house stuff, unpacking the house, rediscovering that "art" thing I used to do, and possibly learning how to knit. Also, helping my BFF/"sis" Amy with her new arrival sometime around June (I'm so glad I live close now!).
  • My mom is the Best Ever; she's come to spend over a week with me, to both keep me company while Alex is gone, and to start painting this mammoth house. Huzzah!!
Oh yeah--I also hear this rumor that after classes are done, I can READ FOR FUN this summer. Hmmm. I may have to try this odd idea.

Looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all, come June. Why hello, there Social Life! I've forgotten what you looked like!!

UPDATE: ooo, look, new blog colors! thought it was high-time for even a tiny refresh.
UPDATE 2: i forgot to include a photo of the new house. sigh, silly me!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful home!!

Amanda (the librarian) said...

The color change helps - it's a little easier for these older eyes to read now - thanks!