City Girl (Our NYC Trip)

Tihleigh (with further encouragement from Laura and Astrid, but T you're the one who convinced me): you're a genius. The neti pot seems to be working, inasmuch as it stopped six days of NYC pollution from instantly replaying my recent sinus infection. Woohoo!

So, here's the briefest of summations of our 6-day New York City vacation, with no work in sight for either of us. It was a blissful time, and I'm realizing it's super-awesome to travel places that aren't attached to work-related trips.

  • flight in, finally seeing Manhattan for the first time
  • decided that Times Square is actually more over-stimulating, crowded, and neon than Vegas. WOW.
  • love love LOVE Central Park.
  • discovered that H&M has 1) awesome clothes that 2) fit me and 3) are about as affordable as Old Navy. Rock on.
  • began to figure out the complex subway system
  • Chinatown: fantastic food, fun shopping (and I can finally use chopsticks)
  • Yankees game (tromped Toronto 2 - 1, woohoo!)
  • walking down the street after Yankees game
  • Gray's Papaya
  • finding out Sarah Palin was McCain's VP pick outside of Gray's Papaya (a great day for women, no matter your politics!)
  • um… we did… stuff… in the morning. I will probably remember what it was when I look at photos.
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art: Egyptian collection, Assyrian winged guards, Degas, Madame X, and Vermeers
  • “The Lion King” on Broadway (awesome—especially loved the dance and use of performers as set pieces)
  • street hotdogs—yum!
  • Southside Seaport and Brooklyn Bridge
  • decided not to wait in TKTS ticket line
  • Wall Street
  • walking alllll the way up Broadway
  • lunch in Soho
  • matinee showing of "Boeing Boeing." So. Freaking. Incredible. Best show I have ever seen, period!!
  • dinner and dessert in Little Italy (sampled both pastries and gelato)
  • more Central Park walking and street hotdogs
  • American Museum of Natural History: elephants, dinosaurs, huge whale
  • dinner at the Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien--tiny, impossible to find, amazing burgers
  • another stop at H&M (purple cordorouy blazer!)
  • walking along Fifth Avenue by Tiffany & Co., Trump Tower, St. Patrick's, Rockefeller Center
  • Ellis Island
  • Statue of Liberty
  • taxi driver getting lost
  • flew out, and first class flying for my first time!
So... if I can tear myself away from my already-ginormous piles of homework this weekend, I'll upload those photos to Flickr--think we came away with about 7GB total, which for a 6-day trip, for us, is actually remarkably little. (But still a lot to sort, edit, and upload!) Then if by some miracle I finish, maybe I can start going back and uploading the Quebec City photos and other stuff from the spring and summer.

Well, a girl can dream, anyway.


Breenette said...

oh girl! You just went to my favorite place! I am soooooo jealous!
Sounds like you had a blast. Can't wait to see pics!

Loonacy said...

AWESOME!!! *jealous*

Mai said...

Nice! Before I left QO, Alex and I were talking about how we seem to be going to the same places, either you guys go first or we do hehehe (Vegas, San Francisco). Kyla and I went to NYC and Philadelphia last July.

Glad you had an awesome time and looking forward to the photos!

Did you guys stay at the apartment that Steve and Dayna recommended? Too bad the owners were on vacation during the time we were there so we couldn't book it.