Wednesday = "Meh"

It's not really a bad day, although it feels like it's trying hard to become so.

This morning, I woke up for the third time in the past week having had a dream about Cherie--most of them involving Cherie still being alive, and this most recent one discussing her as gone, but then she showed up to join the commentary, as well. In each dream, I was having the best time with her--going to the movies, laughing, etc. They were really good dreams--they were just hard to wake up from.

This morning, I found out that Pauline Baynes, my favorite illustrator, had died a few days earlier. This article focuses on her work for Tolkein, but I knew her best through CS Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.

I got home from work at 10:45 last night--a glorious 13-hour day courtesy of my overloaded schedule, which is completely my fault. I learned how to say "no," just not soon enough. In any case, I slept in a little so I wouldn't be completely useless at work today, but even so, I have a raging sore throat and feel a bit spacey.

And I should be excited--I'm going to get to present at IFLA in Canada next week, after all! A new country, an international professional opportunity--but I'm tired and I'm sad that I can't bring Alex. All in all, it scares me a little that I'm longing for the fall semester to begin. Am I really so busy that three classes' worth of homework will seem breezy by comparison? Rationally, I highly doubt it. But as usual, being the well-seasoned schoolgal that I am, I'm excited for classes to begin, so that's probably a good thing.

So, yeah--it's not a bad day. But I can't help feeling a little down, nonetheless. Well, maybe "down" is too strong a word--it's more like "quiet and thoughtful."


Tigpan said...

I am learning that "quiet and thoughtful" or "down" days are actually good for our souls. I work so hard against them I find that I end up having a worse day than I would had I just gone with the feelings.

Breenette said...

mmm...I don't know the story about Cherie or what happened, but I bet the dreams and the grieving her in that way are very difficult.
I hope that things are better today and your sore throat did not develop into a full blown cold.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I recently had a dream about an old friend that had passed away over ten years ago (my first semester at Texas Tech). For some reason, we had all gathered together for a reunion of friends at his graveside.

Odd, considering I rarely think about him. Then I realized, it was around this time that he died (this time being May).