More Online Humiliation

In a further effort to make my entire life public to the world, particularly any embaressing instances, here's a link to all my yearbook photos from HSU, which my lovely employer the UNT Libraries have just digitized.

Ah, more fodder for being teased at work--just what everyone needs, eh?


vphill said...

At least we will be putting up the UNT yearbooks soon so we might be seeing Melody, LouAnn, Cathy and others to share in your humiliation.

Loonacy said...

hahah... the swapped Mike Sims and T-roy in the 2000 year book.

Tigpan said...

This has brought me much joy today MUCH joy! I have not laughed so hard (not at you..at everyone else..dude did you see GARETH!) Plus I sent pics of Matt Chandler over to staff at the Village church who I know will make good use of them! *insert wicked laugh
You are a jewel my friend! One day perhaps we'll get to see each other again...as we do live in the same town! :) Well metroplex anyway!

Starrlett said...

Mark: Heh, heh, AWESOME. I went hunting for Alex and one of my best friends last night, and laughed myself silly.

Bryce: Oh, I know, right? On Alex's page in 1998, we were laughing at Chad Henkle getting swapped with a chick. Heh.

Amanda: Oh gosh, now I have to go find Gareth's photo!!! Rofl! Yes, we need to get together... what are your week/weekend schedules like?