My Big Score

The Loot

So, I went to Half-Price Books last night to pick up the last Christmas present. That was all--I was going to look through their comics, but knew I wouldn't purchase anything. But then... I saw the magical "clearance" sign over the audiobook section...

So, the final score was pretty impressive:
  • Ya-Yas in Bloom (3 CDs), Rebecca Wells - $3
  • The Adventures of Guy Noir (1 CD), Garrison Keillor - $3
  • Wobegon Boy (5 CDs), Garrison Keillor - $13
  • Pontoon (8 CDs), Garrison Keillor - $14

I also scored my favorite volume of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, #3 Dream Country, which has a fantastic retelling of the Midsummer Night's Dream as illustrated by Charles Vess of Stardust fame. For $8. Gah!!!

And then, the big score.

The complete 9-CD dramatized Lord of the Rings set, complete in wooden case... for $15.

My Big Score

I almost fainted right there in Half-Price Books. I walked around the store for another fifteen minutes with that set in my clutches, pondering my fortune, wondering if this was a stressed-out hallucination.

So for all your media needs, I highly recommend the McKinney branch of HPB. And if you're a big audiobook fan, or you commute at all, get yourself over there while they still have a bunch of CD titles for $3. Dude, that's less than the late fees are when I check them out from the public library (I hate to confess it as a librarian myself, but I'm terrible at being late with those things).

Today I have a few work things to wrap up from my remote spot (at Alex's place of work), then in the afternoon it's off to DFW airport and San Antonio! We'll be back Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas evening we're off to Vegas for four days. Woohoo!!!

Oh, and a quick plug here--as of Black Friday, I've replaced my former 17" monster laptop with a 14.1" one and I haven't missed the screen real estate yet--it's 3.5 pounds lighter, and I've already taken it on two work trips. Thus far I've been impressed with the performance--I have 2GB memory in this Gateway; it's not their top of the line, but it's running nice and speedy, even running Vista (not my idea--I'm thinking about dual-booting OS's). Yay for portable technology!!!


Adam said...

I'm a Garrison Keillor fan too, so I'm pretty jealous of you at the moment... not to mention the LotR set makes me green as well.

Half-Price Books has to be one of the greatest stores on the planet, but working next door to a library... I've decided to use them exclusively for my media needs (when I can control myself).

So what's going to happen to the 17" monster laptop?


Starrlett said...

hee, hee.

i'm currently cleaning off an re-imaging the 17" laptop, so that my mother-in-law can use it for their business. we're selling it to them, which helped partially fund the Black Friday deal i got. yippee!