Morning Mantra

To be muttered furiously to the tune of "I Love Paris" while walking uphill in the cold wind.

I hate winter in the springtime,
I hate winter in the fall,
I hate winter in the summer when it sizzles,
I hate winter in the winter when it drizzles.
I hate winter,
Oh why oh why do I hate winter,
Because it's really cold.

Yes, I know it's not officially winter yet. Shuddup.


NancyPearlWannabe said...

Damn, Sam, I hate winter too. In every season possible. Especially when it sneaks up on a person.

Starrlett said...

No Kidding. This year, the North Wind took September through November off napping in the Bahamas, leaving us with inexplicably Augusty "fall" weather, and then it dips down below 30 degrees. We should get free sick days for this to stay at home and let our poor bodies adjust.